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Pact With The Devil

J. Finbarr writes –

This is a scream (!) Imagine this. The author of this book leads the ultimate double life. He is a respected member of a local church, an avidly ‘born again’ in fact. He is married with children. BUT HE IS ALSO A DEDICATED DEVIL WORSHIPPER!!

He was reared in a good Christian home but later took an interest in white magick. So what changed?

It was a chance encounter with an old man one evening when he was going home from church, who asked him why he wasn’t rich, and gave him a copy of his Devil Prosperity Chant.

It wasn’t complicated so ‘the devil in him’ prompted him to try it.

He never looked back.

There was a young rich woman he eyed who had no interest in him whatsoever. In three days she fell in love with him.

Buoyed by this success he began studying the black arts, invoking all sorts of demons. His life continued on the up and up.

Today he is a successful musician and teacher of the black arts to Nigerian politicians and people of influence.

All the while those about him think he’s a ‘love and light’ happy ‘Jesus’ type!

This really is devilish!

The book itself is a mine of devilry. The rituals and prayers are surprisingly uncomplicated, at least when compared to the laborious ceremonial found in most works of black art. I don’t think, however, that many will want to try the ‘Selling your soul to the Devil’ ritual, for it carries the caution that after death one ‘will be bound to Satan for eternity in Hell’. Not a plus point, particularly when he gives other rituals which have no such proviso. The problem – if ‘problem’ it is – is that the thrill of dabbling in two totally antithetical religious concepts prevents him from following the Satanic course 100% (for no Satanist believes in any hint of punishment in the Afterlife; ‘Hell’ may for him have an entirely different connotation).

It is not only the thrilling paradox that motivates but also the continuing success he evidently enjoys, which he attributes entirely to Satan and his minions.

In a few words, this book can best be described as a trip through Satanic ritual for the purpose of financial gain and protection of person and property, for ‘The Devil protects his own’, and for general success in life. As for the ‘Pact with The Devil’ itself, that is here for the reader who seeks the adventure. The author, based in Nigeria, calls himself Joseph Etuk and gives his email address in the book.

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