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I AM IN COMPLETE CONTROL: New Dimensions in Self-Mastery

This book by D. Savant shows how you can instantly dispel any craving. It shows how to come to terms with the sinister ‘subpersonalities’ within one’s self – AND HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

The book’s inspiring message is that you need not be the helpless victim of your own weaknesses … you need not suffer from guilt, fear, depression – or whatever it is that robs you of happiness. You don‘t have to turn to religion or a psychiatrist to resolve your inner conflict. This book gives you the answer. In simple language it describes the true reality of your thoughts. ITS REVELATIONS COULD CHANGE YOUR THINKING FOR EVER. You don’t need great will power. Its message is absolute simplicity – its instructions easy to apply. It can give you POWER OVER YOURSELF and OVER YOUR LIFE. It can remove your desire for drink or cigarettes or your desire to indulge in self-damaging habits. It can replace fear with courage. It can bring peace of mind instead of confusion. It can remove nervousness in favour of buoyant self-confidence.

Use this book and you, too, can say, ‘I AM IN COMPLETE CONTROL’.

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