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The bedrock of Carl nagel's writings! It was his first, and for many his best!


‘Mystic Mind Power is one of a kind … I’ve collected so many books in 9 years and this is the best’ – WM (Reno (NV)


The bedrock of Carl Nagel’s writings! It was his first, and for many his best!


Based on his own true story. He was a failure, a nobody. At school he was bullied and snubbed for being‘different’. He wasn’t interested in the usual boys’ things, football, etc. He was intrigued by the strange and the unusual and loved books. And this was a time when it was unforgivable to be ‘fat’. So his schooldays were a miserable time. Adolescence and young adulthood were hardly better. Shy, introverted, he remained ignored and made fun of. He devoured books on the mystic and the unusual, but for all their promises of success it never seemed to happen for him. He was hooked on ‘self-help’ books, but the problem was that they weren’t helping him. Then he decided to take stock of everything, trying to figure out where he had gone wrong. This led to his realization of what he calls Mystic Mind Power, a new synthesis of ideas. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING! This is not fantasy or fiction. The pain of his bad experiences and the stigma of failure were real enough. And there must be many more like him. YET HE FOUND A SOLUTION. He found that – yes – the mind acts like an irresistible magnet on circumstances. The thing is to get this irresistible power to work in one’s favour, rather than against as is so often the case. The first day he put his findings to the test he received an unexpected gift from his father. Later the same day he was given an opportunity to make some money. Later – and this is hair-raising – he was saved from certain death when two cars collided (Mystic Mind Power ‘froze’ him on the spot: a second or two later would have meant disaster!). Then he used Mystic Mind Power in a gold-searching expedition with two others. He tuned into the Power to be led to the right spot. What followed was a perfect example of the weird and wonderful way Mystic Mind Power works. At first it seemed he was misled – still no gold – but an unexpected encounter with a stranger, which he took as a favourable omen – had the unexpected effect of leading to a thrilling find. Once in motion the forces of Mystic Mind Power conspire to make events fall in one’s favour. After we first published Mystic Mind Power he revealed that he had applied it for the purpose of us publishing it! It was his first book and he had it accepted immediately! Truly Mystic Mind Power was working for him and it would be the first of many books published by Finbarr and others. Painfully shy with the opposite sex, that all changed with Mystic Mind Power. HE QUICKLY LOST 40 POUNDS IN WEIGHT – AND KEPT IT OFF. And still it was only the beginning, for many more exciting changes were afoot! MYSTIC MIND POWER IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND AS NATURAL AS THE AIR YOU BREATHE! EACH PAGE OF THIS BOOK ACTS LIKE A STEPPING STONE, TAKING YOU UPWARD AND FORWARD! You can now experience all the things you want, instead of those that you don’t want! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR MIND INTO A MAGNET FOR EVERY GOOD THING YOU SEEK! AND IT IS AS EASY AS COUNTING 1-2-3! If there is only one book on mind power that you should own let it be this one! Each page brings forth joy and comfort as you gradually realize your irresistible potential to achieve and succeed! Through continuous application of Mystic Mind Power money problems can be eradicated, bills always paid on time, debts wiped out! Money flows continuously through the magnetic pull of Mystic Mind Power! It can start working for you the very moment you receive this book! You can influence any person to think favourably of you. You can make them attracted to you through the magnetic pull of Mystic Mind Power! Results will be immediately apparent! Remember this book is the work of a man who had previously failed time and again until he had at last understood the wondrous power of magnetic consciousness! He went from inadequacy and failure to success, happiness and riches at a single stroke! Anyone can do the same! Discover the powers of Magnetic Telepathy: you can project any thought to another and they will receive it! You can also know what others are thinking! You can protect yourself from something the author calls ‘psychic attack’. Yes, he believes in this. When others envy or hold a grudge against you, he says, this acts as a kind of ‘psychic attack’. Like it or not, this negative mental energy projected in your direction can infiltrate your own personal aura. The consequence of this is that for no apparent reason you feel undermined or your best laid plans keep going wrong. You can stop such ‘psychic attacks’ at a stroke! Whatever holds you back, Mystic Mind Power can set YOU FREE! You can also explore the wonders of the spirit world! Your mind is a doorway to endless possibilities! There is positively no danger in communicating with spirits in the next world. It is impossible to come to any harm, for Mystic Mind Power automatically prohibits any negativity with its impenetrable positive force! You can meet spirits, converse with them, receive important information – both in the dream state and wide awake! And you will feel wonderful after the experience! There is no ‘death’, only changes in consciousness. Mr Nagel also explains how you can leave your physical body at will, again in complete safety. Leave it, explore other dimensions, and return enriched by the experience! Just as there is no such thing as ‘death’, he also believes that there is no such thing as only human life in this universe. ET is there, he says, and can be telepathically communicated with! He details his own experience of extraterrestrial contact.

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