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For Dealing With Rivals And Attracting Love & Riches


A superb introduction to the world of Occultism and Easy-to-cast Spellwork, this publication is the perfect primer for both entry and mid-level practitioners of the Art of Magick - something that's sadly missing from many books on this misunderstood subject.

   Originally published by Starlight Books, this amazing little Grimoire answers the most commonly asked questions about Magick, Spells & Rituals.

Content Includes:

* Being Rid Of An Unwanted Visitor

* Riddance Of An Unwanted Lover

* Banishing Bad Memories

* Protection From Hatred & Criticism

* Banishing Poverty

* Driving Away Evil

* Banishing Illness

* Finding Someone, No Matter Where They May Be

* Getting Someone To Contact You

* Finding Something You Have Lost

   Please DO NOT BE FOOLED into thinking that this is material dealing only with basics; there is serious power contained within these pages, and many have made MASSIVE, positive changes to their lives as a direct result of using this book.

Now it's YOUR TURN!      

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