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Defeat Fatigue! Gain boundless energy!

The Gnostic Prayer for Life

This is more than a ‘Prayer’ but a formula for living life completely, no matter how bleak the present circumstances! It is said that Gnosticism is an alternative form of Christianity – it is not IT IS THE ULTIMATE, ORIGINAL FORM. Traditional Christianity is so bound up with selfsacrifice, doing-good, and hoping for a reward in the next life. What you will find in this monograph, by an author who simply calls himself ‘The Gnostic’, is the antithesis to this. THIS IS ABOUT LIFE IN THE PRESENT AND GETTING THE MOST FROM IT.


Not possible? Certainly not if you follow dogmatic religious creed.‘The Gnostic Prayer for Life’, he says, ‘switches on an inexhaustible flow of energy which immediately begins to sweep everything away in its path. Doubts and anxieties slip away as a mysterious power takes over. It’s like walking on air! Who needs drugs? Who needs alcohol? Who needs to be a “re-born” Christian”; when you’ve got this?’

This is CONTROVERSIAL. Gnosticism was suppressed by the early Church, for those who experienced ‘gnosis’ abandoned it in droves! Being poor, piety, charity, self-sacrifice are not features of Gnosticism – on the contrary, it is about enhancement of self (but not at the expense of others).

If ever you needed a lift you will find it here! And you can experience it daily! Perpetually!

‘I do not write things I do not practise. I live my life the Gnostic way – not following any particular faith. It makes me feel liberated – and how I wish I had discovered it so much earlier!’ Allow yourself to be lit up by this inexhaustible power!

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