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The Book You Should Read Before You Die
Description THE TRUTH ABOUT SURVIVAL The Book You Should Read Before You Die No, that isn't a catch heading just to sell a book.  It's the simple sincere truth and i'll convince you of it if you're open-minded and will hear me out.  And in the hope you'll do so let me add that I thump no tub.  I wave no banner.  I do not belong to any religious or philosophical society so I seek no converts.  YOU decide - but you owe it to yourself to hear the evidence before you do so.  After all, it's the one certainty in life .  You and I are going to die.  I hope that time's a long way off of course but there's no point in thrusting the thought aside in the hope it will go away.  It won't! And there's no point in being morbid about it.  But as Lord Shinwell said shortly before his own recent death: "It would be nice to know where one's going."I first started wondering when I was 17.  My father dies and I thought it a great pity his life had been cut short at the age of 52.  Was the it - fini? A clergyman who tried to comfort the family talked about the resurrection and I said I thought that was going to be a bit of job as he'd wished to be cremated and i'd just help distribute his ashes at the garden of rest.  I didn't see how he was going to be put together again.  I didn't get any marks for that from the reverend gentleman but I still wondered.Don't think that I was introspective or morbid.  I wasn't.  I was fun-loving with a keen sense of humour.  I enjoyed most sports and my other keen interest was girls! In fact, one led me into Spiritualism - as I tell in lihgthearted fashion.It was a fascinating trail.  Girls, ghosts and ghoulies, and I thought i'd found the answer - to the ghosts and shoulies anyway! I became London Editor of the then popular "Spiritualist News" and spoke on platforms of the Societies and Churches in London and the Home counties at the age of 20.  It was also the days of the great clairvoyants like Estelle Roberts, helen Hughes, Eileen Garrett and in the States Edgar Cayce.  And well-known personalities who lent their support; Conan Doyle, HannenSwaffer, Shaw Desmond, Lord Dowding, etc.  Yes, Spiritualism seemed to be the answer.  Truly the Grand Design.  Hooray for the Astral Spheres! Three cheers for the glorious Summerland!But a little nagging doubt remained - and grew.  Perhaps it's because i'm a Piscean, y'know the two fishes pulling in different directions! The serious side said: "Look there's something wrong her.  Why don't they come back and give factual descriptions of this summerland? And why do those who do all contradict one another so much?"I wasn't alone! Nearly every national newspaper has "investigated" Spiritualism at some time or other (usually during the silly season) and they all came up with the same answer: "There's somethign there but we don't know what."Remember Dr C.E.M. Joad of radio renown? he studied the suject because his friend Harry Price (of Borley Rectory fame) asked him to come up with what was the most succinct observation: "Spirits may have souls but they don't have brains."Years later, Anita Gregory, presenting the BBC programme "Leap in the Dark" said: "The message and impact become so distorted you cannot say to yourself 'That was so-and-so'."Neville Randall, who published messages received at the well-known Leslie Flint direct voice seances which were taped by George Woods and Betty Green, Commented to the effect that while they recalled their passing well, when it came to describing the life in the world beyond they seem to have either lost their memories of power of description.Even the editor of "Psychic News" writing on the so-called "revelations" throug mediums wrote: "Whenever famous personalities return they rarely impart information of much import." Dr Lyall Watson, author of the Supernature books, speculated on whether there might be some form of censorship preventing information about the next world and other aspects being conveyed clearly to us.  Other intelligent writers and researchers have wondered about this.I'm no genuis and it took me many years to find the truth about survival.  No, it did not come from Spirit Guides or any such source.  Just time and study in depth not only of psychic phenomena but related sunjects such as out of body experiences, clinical death accounts, hypnotic regression, electronic voice phenomena, etc.It's a jigsaw and properly assembled fits together and reveals the truth.  In case of newspapers they were not able to spend time investigating all these subjects to come up with the right answer.  But there are a number of established organisations that could have done so.  Let me tell you noe why they didn't.It is because they are vested interests.  When an organisation is set up, buys or rents property, installs office equipment, engaged staff, and proceeds to promote its ideas, it becomes a vested interest.  This does not mean it is evil in any way.  A vested interest can be benevolent, sincerely believing the ideas it advocates, but it is a vested interest all the same.  It is not going to start looking into opinions that are contrary to its beliefs with a view to changing the teaching it was founded to propagate.I've only ever known one vested interest in this field to change its tune.  That was a magazine called "World Service" ehich was owned and edited by C.S. Coleen-Smith and reached a high circulation just before the last world war.  When he became disillusioned he said so, boldly and courageously.  Circulation declined and the magazine folded.Frankly, if I was attached to some vested interest i'd hesitate but i'm not.  As i've said, I thump n tub and i'm only interested in truth and while i know it will be opposed in many quarters, with every possible reason they can think of, it's difficult to argue successfully against the truth.If you are mourning someone near and dear to you it will help to read this book.  Or a friend who is distraught by his or her loss.Let me be quite clear about this.  It is not a general work about Spiritualism or psychic phenomena and it is not an inspirational work.  No messages from spirit guides or other mystical sources.  It's a matter of fact, logical account of what happens after phsyical death based on my 50 years of interest and study of rekated sugjects - and i'm quite confident i'm right.  Evidence supports the facts.There's no other book in publication at present that deals with the subject with the conclusions reached, so far as I know.  If there was I wouldn't have written it.  I am a professional writer and frankly, it's taken a good deal of time which I could have spent on more profitable work.  But I felt it had to be written.I started by saying you should read this book before you die.  I mean it.  If you are open-minded and not entirely committed to some religion or philosophy or dogma, then I am certain it will help you a lot.And when you have read it and given it thought, I think you will agree with me - not only that it's helped you to read before you die but that it is indeed the truth.
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