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Have you ever wondered if there really is " a life after death"?

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HEREAFTER AND REINCARNATION Have you ever wondered if there really is " a life after death"? Has the thought of "reincarnating again" fascinated/puzzeled/horrifed you? If so, then you MUST read "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HEREAFTER AND REINCARNATION" by David Bassant: a book that will not only positively answer these questions for you but possibly SHOCK you, too! At last here is a book that grasps the issues which have confronted mankind from the dawn of antiquity, issues which burn deep in the heart of every thinking man and woman! If you think you know "something" about the afterlife then you are in for a few startling surprises in this eye opening book! If you think you understand reincarnation then you might find something you did not expect! And, if you are one of the many who cannot make up their minds about these vital issues then this book will make up your mind once and for all about them! For here in this thought provoking book is the TRUTH about these mysteries, by a man who has spent a lifetime of research and psychic experience in getting to the heart of them! And neither are these mysteries unravelled in a scholarly, heavy, or dogmatic manner, but instead are explained in simple, lucid terms for all to understand! some of the many points discussed in this important work are:* THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS AT THE MOMENT OF DEATH* WHERE PRECISELY THE SOUL "GOES TO" FOLLOWING DEATH* DEFINATE, ABSOLUTE SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT THE SOUL SURVIVES DEATH* THE TRUTH ABOUT REINCARNATION; THE FALLACIES AND THE FACTS* THE AMAZING TRUTH ABOUTH REINCARNATION "KARMA"; HOW IT REALLY WORKS, AND THE INCREDIBLE IMPACT IT HAS ON OUR DAY-TO-DAY EXISTENCE* THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONES - AND ENEMIES - IN THE HERE AND NOW.  AN ASTONISHING EXPLANATION OF THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH THEM!* WHAT HAPPENS INBETWEEN INCARNATIONS; A LOT DIFFERENT TO WHAT YOU THINK!* AMAZING, DOCUMENTED CAS HISTORIES OF SPIRIT SURVIVAL* EXACTLY WHOM ONE MEETS IN THE HEREAFTER; POSITIVE, DEFINATE DETAILS ABOUT "THE LIFE" THERE* THE TRUTH ABOUT "ASTRAL PROJECTION"* THE TRUTH ABOUT THE STRANGE COSMIC LAWS THAT GOVERN HEREDITY AND CAUSE SPLIT PERSONALITIES* LOVE, ROMANCE AND PASSION THROUGH "MANY LIFETIMES"! pOSITIVE PROOF THAT LOVERS AND SPOUSES ARE REUNITED THROUGH SUCCESSIVE REINCARNATIONS; THE TRUTH IS MORE THRILLING THAN ANY ROMANCE OR MYSTERY NOVEL!* THE AFTER-LIFE FACTS CONCERNING THE UNBORN AND THE CONTROVERSY OF ABORTION* HOW YOU CAN ACTUALLY TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY, CHANGE KARMA RIGHT NOW, AND PLAN IN ADVANCE YOUR FUTURE LIVES!* THE ASTONISHING TRUTH ABOUT DEATH ITSELF: HOW TO FACE DEATH WITH JOY, GLADNESS, AND HOPEFUL EXPECTANCY!Whatever you may feel before reading this exciting and revealing book one thing is for sure: after reading it you will never think or feel the same again!

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