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Booklet of the bizarre!

Booklet of the bizarre –


But in point of fact he was aged 256 when he died, according to an investigation. This is the extraordinary study of a China man whose story was documented in the New York Times during the 1920s and 1930s. He died in 1933, examination of the records showing that he was born in … 1677.
When author J. Finbarr shared this information with a Ghanian herbalist, he was told that the herbalist’s uncle died at the age of … 186.
This booklet is an investigation into the bizarre and inexplicable subject of longevity.
The China man lived a full and active life for two centuries.
What is remarkable is that these extraordinary long livers lived a complete life: active and working, not existing as some wizened curiosity in the background.
But how could such an age be attained?
Are such ages possible for us?
The author explores the phenomenon and suggests the possibilities.
This is the only work, as far as we know, that approaches the subject at such a pragmatic level.
It may in fact be the single most important work on the subject.
Diet and positive thinking are not the key to extending life indefinitely.
‘Living indefinitely is not an unrealistic aim’, he says. ‘One day it will be possible for all who seek it.’
‘You were not born to die – no matter what anyone tells you.’ He does not flinch from speaking the taboo!
As a publisher of the unusual he is also privy to rare information which he discusses here.
Page after page gives details of persons living hundreds of years – and more!
Crazy? Impossible? Read first and then decide!
The author is a pragmatist and shoots down in flames all the usual ideas about living long, for the simple truth is that none of them are valid.
He seeks what could work, and his booklet explores the practical possibilities.
This is not for everyone – but then most seem content to ‘snuff it’ at age 80 or so, which is an age that registers only as a flash-in-the-pan in terms of eternity. For those who expect better from the Universe, this booklet is surely worth investigating.

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