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Place the book under your pillow and you will feel better for it!


By Rev. Dr. Lori M. Poe


This book by Dr. Lori Poe reveals the secret of divine consciousness and immediate attunement to the cosmic riches of the Universe!

You can walk with God by transcending the narrow literalism of Christianity and Islam! God's power is not trapped within the petty literalism of man's interpretation, declares Dr. Poe! Hidden within religious teaching is the AWESOME LIFE-TRANSFORMING METAPHYSICS OF GOD'S POWER! Dr. Poe shows how your life can be transformed...enhanced...made exhilarating! God's power can enter your life the moment you begin reading this book! Not for you the narrow-minded materialism of 'Bible punchers' who seek to enslave one in mere words and regulation! AWAKEN YOUR DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS - THE 'I AM THE I THAT I AM'!

Dr. Poe reveals the true substance of the 'Lord's Prayer, taking you through it step-by-step to awaken the miracle powers of your own hidden divinity! God is both outside and within you, she says! Unification of in-and-out brings a surging release of healing energies which transform soul, mind and body! Dr. Poe reveals THE LOST TECHNIQUE OF PRAYER - read this once and you will already feel better: APPLY IT AND YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A COMPLETELY NEW PERSON!

In this richly inspiring book you will read of:

A bed-ridden woman, consumed by burning cancer pain, was touched by the 'I Am The I That I Am' and within two days she was sitting at a table with ravishing appetite! On another occasion this same lady's feet had swollen by twice their size. Overnight they returned to normal after experiencing the divine presence.
One lady was troubled by a hard lump on her leg for years. Medicines did not help. THE DIVINE PRESENSE REDUCED IT WITHIN DAYS. Later it disappeared completely.
Another lady had been wheelchair-bound for three years with advanced diabetes and was in danger of losing both her feet. The 'I AM THE I THAT I AM' BROUGHT A MIRACLE.

To be open to the healing power of the Universe requires no knowledge, no learning - only faith in 'I Am The I That I Am'. You will begin to experience this life-changing faith the moment you begin reading this book. Becoming like a child again will open you to God's limitless healing and prospering goodness. PLACE THIS BOOK UNDER YOUR PILLOW AND YOU WILL FEEL BETTER FOR IT.

A man sought for nine months to sell properties nobody wanted. The author asked him to focus his thoughts on The Presence. WITHIN TWO WEEKS HE WAS A VERY HAPPY MAN!

No effort is required. Just believe. Absorb this book's content. Keep it with you. WITHIN IT IS THE POWER THAT CAN SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS...BRING YOU LOVE...BRING HARMONY TO YOUR LIFE...PROSPER YOU...BRING MONEY YOUR WAY. Open yourself to this book's content and you could BE CHANGED FOREVER. You need no previous experience. All you need is the willingness to accept the 'I Am The I That I Am' in your life. It's not about going to church: it's about experiencing your true consciousness...the eternal 'I AM THE I THAT I AM'.

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