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The Secret Of The Ages Revealed

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God'
The Secret Of The Ages Revealed

Previously Hidden; Known Only To Adepts

The purchase of this monograph is cautioned not to divulge it to others. It is the one, supreme Word. It is easy to pronounce. It cannot be revealed here. Within it is the heartbeat of the Cosmos.

How to use the Word is revealed in THE LOST WORD OF POWER, a 4-page monograph by Frater E.L. Francis.
The Word is made up of only four letters can be spoken anywhere and at any time you need it.
We first published this monograph in 1985. Readers reported 'miracles'. One man wrote, 'The effects are beyond anything I could possibly imagine... It is worth more than all the money in the world'. Another man, who had failed with visualisation, rituals, etc, wrote, 'With THE LOST WORD I actually got aid when I needed it. I'm still getting it'. (photocopies of these actual testimonials available on request).
It is the one Word the owner of Finbarr International uses when the need presents itself.
The Word brings immediate peace and enlightenment.
It is the one Word that encapsulates Cosmic Energy. It is the most powerful Word in the Universe, and was never revealed - as best we know - before the publications of this monograph.
Use this Word to gain the strength to face any situations.
Use this Word for Divine Revelation.
The origins of the Word are lost in the mists of time.
It was the Name of Power in Ancient Egypt. It was used to speak things into existence.
Humankind merely discovered the Word. It was always there.
The Word BRINGS SAFETY FROM PHYSICAL INJURY. Speak it when you feel threatened. It awakens the protective energies of the Universe.
The Word brings a sharp, immediate increase in mystical consciousness. It awakens psychic powers. It can give you visions of the unknown. It can give you glimpses of the future. It brings healing to the body and peace to the soul.
This monograph explains the Word in four phases. You will learn all you need to know in half an hour reading this monograph. It explains the Construction Of The Word; its ying yang, genderless expression of the Cosmos; and The Invocation of Cosmic Energy.
Even if you don't understand the cosmic principles involved it doesn't matter. What matters is speaking the Word.
Speaking the Word can bring results that some describe as 'MIRACULOUS'.
If you believe in nothing else in this world then believe in this one Word. It will perhaps do for you what nothing else can. It is the ultimate prayer. It can be spoken anywhere, anytime you need it.
Whatever you seek in life - peace, happiness, love, health, riches - just name it; and for as long as your wish does not violate Cosmic Law, this Word will bring you nearer to its fulfilment.
The author of this monograph is an Adept of the Secret Arts. Initiates confirm its authenticity.
Finbarr is proud to be publisher. What wonders can it perform for you?

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