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3 Cups of Power

This book is about mermaid water magic. You need only three cups – ordinary everyday cups – and your determination to succeed in working this magic. The legend of the alluring half womanhalf fish conceals a deep occult truth. She embodies the magical quality of the deep … the unconscious mind. This deep magic mermaid power activates an irresistible force which can turn your desires into realities. This magic is neutral – it can be used for good or evil. You’ll see how in S. Rob’s book it can be used to ‘hurt an enemy’ or ‘make an enemy’s life a living hell’. Strong stuff. But happily this work concentrates more on the beneficent applications of deep water magic. It shows how to be successful in one’s undertakings … how to be a winner in the competitive nature of life … outwitting rivals … enjoying life … getting ahead in your career, and so on. Also here are mermaid spells to bring wealth and to bring love. A potent mix of rare and specialized magic for the person who means business. And all easy to do.

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