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‘Amazing mantra works like no other,’ says author T.C.Chan

‘In my many years travelling the globe teach ing and lecturing on the subject, I have never seen any other mantra work so consistently and effectively.

‘I have seen it work for people as diverse as policemen and women, labourers, mech anics, nurses, scientists, business people of every kind, drug addicts, teachers, soldiers … whatever their background or occupation I have witnessed hundreds of people having their luck and lives changed by use of this sacred mantra.

‘A lifelong criminal of 40 years whom no ther apy could help found himself with a com pletely new and positive outlook on life only three weeks after I gave him this mantra.

‘A gifted songwriter was desperate when her creativity suddenly dried up. Try as she may she just could not come up with any thing original. Just nine days of chanting the eight words she was seized by a burst of creativity and the ideas kept coming.

‘A young woman, painfully shy and anxious about her appearance, felt like a completely new person after eight days.’

It is so easy! No meditation! No ritual! No visualization!

This mantra can be chanted by anyone of any faith, for it fuses together sacred names from the world’s seven great religions.

It can be chanted anywhere, any time! Whilst washing-up, while waiting for a bus or train, etc.

Whatever your need or desire, the Amaz ing 8Day Mantra can fulfil it in weeks, if not days!

It can solve money worries! It brings heal ing! It brings the love of another! Reunites you with an old love!

But there is more! In addition to the 8-word mantra, Mr Chan’s book reveals the actual chant that made one man $649,000 in the space of just a few months!

He also gives the tried-and-tested specific chants for overcoming insomnia, greater selfconfidence, and commanding the respect of others. And more!

Finally, he supplies the actual Seven Holy Names of Power used by the gurus and masters of the east, the utterance of which unleashes a surge of energy and power!

It’s all very safe and enjoyable.

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