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Occult Tutor and accomplished Ceremonial Magician I. Alejandro Virgilio returns, with an ESSENTIAL title, which no Occultist should be without!
The contents of this book have been carefully written especially for newer Practitioners of Occultism, and provide a skilfully-crafted series of Lessons, Background and - most importantly - technique, to take your Occult practises (and results!) to the next level.
It’s no real secret that Astral abilities have greatly enhanced all areas of Occult Working, since time immemorial; Virgilio’s ASTRAL MAGICK provides an effective key, enabling you to finally get to grips with Astral Working, once-and-for-all!
A skilled tutor, Viriglio is well-known through his Ceremonial Magick School for providing effective, non-nonsense tuition, and ASTRAL MAGICK couples his trademark simplicity with DEVASTATINGLY effective Occult technique.
Within the pages of this remarakable book, you’ll discover what the Astral Realms are, how to access them, and how to make them work for you! With the aid of this title, you’ll suddenly, begin to find that ALL of your Occult practices will begin to yield RESULTS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!
Also included, you’ll find a complete set of ASTRAL VISION EXERCISES - the use of which will - quite literally - open your Astral Eyes, so that you can begin to effect mighty changes, upon the Astral Plane itself.
Here, too, you will find all you need to know, in order to construct your very own ASTRAL TEMPLE, from which to conduct Occult Rites when you absolutely MUST get a positive result.
ASTRAL MAGICK is a book which you will refer to, time-and-again, as your new-found skills take you deeper and further into the very real world of the Occult than you ever believed possible!
You have only to open the cover...
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