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Legendary Magick of The Teutons

The Futhark was the magickal alphabet of the Teutons of old Northern Europe, its strange signs and symbols being impregnated, so it was believed, with great psychic power.

The Teutons – Germans, Saxons, Vikings, etc. – carved the Futhark on to their shields and helmets, believing it guaranteed them victory; they invoked it to cause storms at sea, sinking enemy ships; at home they invoked it for abundant crops and prosperity! This was not lost on the Nazis, who carved the symbols on their regalia, believing it would lead them to victory, which for a time it did.

Of course the Nazis misused the Futhark for sinister purposes, it ultimately turning on them. Author Jonathan Posman urges that it should be used for good only and never, under any circumstances, be misused. ‘When used for good the sky is the limit!’ he says. ‘For the Futhark liberates the tremendous latent psychic energy which everyone possesses but is unaware of.’

This magick can be learned and applied by anyone. ‘Results can be little short of “miraculous”!’ claims Mr Posman.

This gives real psychic power.

The power to see into the future; to know what others are thinking, without their knowledge!

You can travel into the astral realms, gaining enormous personal power as a result!

‘Everything is possible through the Futhark’, says the author, ‘but it is imperative that you use it only for good. Use it unwisely or to harm others and you will regret it!’

‘So long as it is used for the good of all you will guarantee yourself and your loved ones protection from all harm, be it psychic or physical!’

In this manual of magick you have the actual invocations, prayers, and mantras of the Futhark – all of which open gateways for a flow of bounty and good fortune into your life!

Exciting contents include:

Receive all the money you need!

Ensuring someone’s loyalty!

Be rid of phobias and psychological problems!

Become successful in everything you do!

Power and self-enlightenment through the Futhark Tree of Life!

… and much, much more! To order ‘FUTHARK: The Legendary Magick of The Teutons’

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