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Goddess Love Power

by Audra

Most women at some time will want to have love magick on their side, be it for attracting a man, making one fall in love, sustaining a relationship, or trying to rekindle one. Or ending one. Whatever, there is a spell here for every need. The content is aimed primarily at women, but males could find the Eros spell for attracting a female very useful. There are no same-sex rituals here, but imagination can alter their content accordingly. Either way results are virtually certain. Includes: Aphrodite Power – Norse Love Spell – Slave Spell – Egyptian Relationship Spell – African Magnetism – Lover Power Potions – Venus Love Spray – Moon Magnetism Potion – Fiery Lust Potion. ‘Armed with these spells your man doesn’t stand a chance’, declares authoress.

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