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Anyone of any race can say these prayers and receive results, declares author Paula Neeson! The Hindus believe in many gods and goddesses, deities who answer prayers for riches, love, protection and whatever!

This publication gives the powerful Hindu prayers - all in English - which get results!

There are no hard-to-do rituals, and no candles and incenses are required!

It is perfectly safe to say these prayers and, says Miss Neeson, the results can come very quickly indeed! 'All that the gods ask', she says, 'is that you don't misuse what they grant you... Believe me, these gods are REAL. They can really help you. Believe in them and they will not fail you.'

You will find here: The Prayer To Vishnu For A Long And Happy Life; The Prayer To Lakshmi For Riches. A struggling songwriter quickly found his songs accepted after reciting this prayer. His songs have since become big hits. His true story is in these pages!

Read also about the anxious student who passed her exams with flying colours after praying to the Hindu goddess!

RAMA is the great Hindu God who can give you power over people. You will find here the exact secret words that bring his favourable responses.

A young woman was annoyed by the unwanted advances of her employer. If she protested she feared she would lose her job. She prayed to Rama and was amazed at the unexpected outcome!

Read about The Prayer To Remove Obstacles. Through this prayer GANESHA causes people to change their minds in your favour!

The goddess PARVATI can usher love into your life and cause the person you want to fall madly in love with you!

Read how the god BRAHMA enabled a young woman to win $30,000 in a competition.

Prayer to the god to control unruly pets and win their love!

Also here is the simple HINDU METHOD FOR ASTRAL PROJECTION which enables you to leave your body and explore the invisible worlds. It is perfectly safe!

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