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Irish money magnetism


Irish Penny Magick

& Other Charms from the Emerald Isle

There are many old Irish folk superstitions about the humble copper penny. Even today there are places in Ireland where farmers buying and selling goods and livestock seal their deals with a handshake and a penny. The buyer gives the seller a penny for luck and then the two would celebrate in the local pub – and spend the penny!

Those leaving Ireland for the USA in the 1800s carried a penny for luck on their way.

But the strongest and most universal penny superstition is that of finding a coin when outdoors. Such a find guarantees luck all day, so the tradition goes.

The penny itself is of almost no value, of course, but its copper symbolises wealth.

Author Kevin O'Reilly says, 'Yes, finding a penny is lucky, as I have discovered myself. But there is more to this superstition than meets the eye. “Irish Penny Magick” can add up to serious wealth!'

'People only know part of the story. The other part can lead to money accumulation!'

It is simple magick. The circle of the copper represents the abundance of the Universe!

In addition to the simple 'copper magick' the author presents age-old Irish charms for: gaining good crops; for healthy cattle; gaining a prospective wife; warding off the Evil Eye.

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