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Occult Tutor I. Alejandro Virgilio is back, with perhaps one of the most important books on the subject of Magick that you will ever read!

Founder of the massively popular Ceremonial Magick School, Virgilio has spent literally decades honing his skills and ritual experiences, and is now passing the remarkable benefits of these experiences along to the new generation of practitioners.

This essential guidebook and primer takes the Student through the vital basics,which so many miss (wondering, in turn, why their Magick fails), right through to advice on the more advanced aspects of Magickal and Ceremonial Practice. No stone is left unturned in addressing the issues of modern Magickal Practice in the 21st Century.

Within these pages, you’ll find a veritable treasury of vital, yet frequently-overlooked Occult Essentials to consider, in order to ensure that YOUR Magick becomes as powerfully-effective as it can possibly be...

Essentials such as:

How to get Started Safely and Effectively

How to Identify and Deal With Obstacles and Setbacks

How to Build Magickal Momentum, and Keep it Going

How to Find a Teacher

Also included within, you’ll find a FULL SELECTION of simple Spells, Workings and Rituals, which can be used as focussed practice exercises... whilst benefitting you MASSIVELY, at the same time.

These Occult Workings include - An ESSENTIAL Protection Working, A Rite for Dream Divination, A Complete Binding Spell, a Coupled Love Spell and Love Experiment...

You’ll ALSO discover how to create an effective Magickal Money Jar and Money Bag, as well as receiving instruction in important aspects of Occult Energy-Work which will BOOST your Magick beyond your wildest imaginings!

Please note: There will be a slight delay in despatch of this book.

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