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‘Mascot Magic'

Defeating the Evil Eye

Feel Protected and Lucky

At last! You can surround yourself with boundless positive energy – attracting nothing but good! You can defeat the ‘Evil Eye’ once and for all – that baneful influence of those who mean you no good or for whatever groundless reason, envy you.

All about us, according to author Tracey Grinnell, are negative energies and the negative thoughts of others, which can lead, if one is not protected, to bad luck and bad health.

THIS CAN NOW BE STOPPED. Mascot Magic is the key to defeating such harmful influences!

It is also the key to attracting what you want – a happy and healthy life!

Mascots are highly valued, many clubs and organizations – particularly military – have them to guarantee, so they believe, success in their endeavours.

You can now enjoy the benefits of having your very own mascot. It can be anything you like.


So easy and so uplifting!

Once you have chosen the mascot you are most drawn to, you will immediately feel better, this book explaining how to get it to work for you night and day.

WHATEVER YOU SEEK IN LIFE CAN COME NEARER TO YOU. Obstacles are diminished and your aura is strengthened – shielded from baneful influences!

You will find peace of mind.

You will feel like a new person. This is the power of Mascot Magic.

The secret is in finding the mascot which appeals to you. The right one will connect with your inner mind, releasing the life-giving energy you need to get your life moving.

This book shows you how to find it. It explains why mascots, amulets, talismans, and so on, work.

Simple, easy, uplifting! This is what you need! ‘Mascot Magic’ by Tracey Grinnell

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