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Ceremonial Magician David Khune is back - this time with a truly ESSENTIAL work for all Students of Occultism.

   POWER RITUALS OF THE MAGICKAL PENTAGRAM goes further than any other title on this essential topic, so frequently neglected - even by experienced practitioners of the Magickal Arts.

   Whilst many students are familiar with the basic Pentagram Rites, this work delves far deeper, to reveal a number of powerful alternatives and extensions to these time-tested Rites, which have been especially designed with the aid of Initiates Khune’s own Magickal Lodge.

   Within the pages of this remarkable title, Khune (a qualified teacher) carefully guides the student from first basics, right through to a full series of NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED RITUALS, which will begin to effectively move your own Magickal Workings towards even more powerful resolutions.

   More than this, each Rite has been painstakingly devised to produce a specific series of beneficial changes in your life, from the moment you begin to use them.

   Khune’s own students overwhelmingly reported astonishingly positive changes in their Luck, Financial Situations and Personal Relationships.

   The Pentagram is one of the oldest and - arguably - most powerful symbols in the Occult World for very good reason; it’s use in Ritual brings RESULTS, plain and


   Some of the truly REMARKABLE contents of this book include:

  • How to Begin to Create Your Own Reality
  • The New Invoking Ritual of The Pentagram
  • The Spirits of the Silver, Blue, Red and Golden Pentagrams
  • The Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram
  • The Invocation of the Four Archangels
  • The White Magick Way to Get What You Want
  • Drawing Money From the Astral World
  • The White Magick Way to Control Situations in Life
  • The White Magick Way to Manifest True Love

…..And Much More Besides!          

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