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Shamanic, Celtic, Romany & Oriental Magic
Shamanic Secrets
Tap into an irresistible force that can
bring you good fortune, riches & love!
Receive the Guidance of the Wise Ones!
For once – a book that makes easy the rites and
magic of shamanism. Anyone can become a
shaman and take control of the invisible forces
that control our lives!
You can defeat the Evil Eye. You can repel baneful
influences, whatever their nature or form!
Your life can be permanently open only to
forces of good!
This can be possible through the simple secret
rites explained by Tracey Grinnell in her book.
You can invoke the rich wisdom of the Native
Americans to bring luck and protection.
You can control the forces of love, making anyone
you want attracted to you.
You can work the magic of Solomon and the
ancient seers!
Discover the means of influencing the subconscious
mind! Contact the Universal Mind!
Also here are dozens of shamanic treatments
and cures for a host of ailments!
Opening the Third Eye. Finding buried treasure.
Finding lost objects. Sun ritual for permanent
beauty and health. Expanding consciousness.
In so-called ‘primitive’ societies the village
shaman was the person people went to for a magical
solution to their problems. In the modern era
you can now be your own shaman with the aid of
this book which covers a variety of traditions:
Celtic, Romany, Egyptian, Druidic, Chinese, and
This advertisement cannot do justice to the
wealth of information and wisdom here. Suffice
it to say that anyone seeking a spiritual and
material lift will benefit handsomely from it!
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