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Money - the one commodity more sought-after than practically any other...

It’s pursuit has led to wars, madness and strife for as long as has existed - and yet we all seek more of it.

From time immemorial, great wealth has brought great power, and it is this which most of us are driven to seek, either through society-based conditioning or personal desire. Legends tell of those wise and powerful individuals who used Occult Powers to create their great wealth, and the Magickal pursuit of riches has fascinated students of Occultism for countless centuries, as evidenced in numerous ancient Grimoires and Spell Books.

In this remarkable book, you will find over fifty of the most powerful Money-Drawing spells ever assembled in one place.

Carl Nagel, an Occult Writer and Tutor of worldwide repute, provides a HUGE collection of simple, PRACTICAL Rites, Ceremonies and Invocations, all designed and adapted specifically to bring a LANDSLIDE of Wealth-creating Magick into your life!

This astonishing book provides Spells and Rites from all over the world, and from many diverse Magickal Traditions - some White... others VERY Dark, indeed.

Within this Modern Grimoire, you will learn to tap and channel the energies which direct wealth, using Nagel’s expert tuition.

You’re about to step into a world where you finally have the tools to turn life to your own advantage for once - from using Incredible Mind Power techniques to attract Riches, to the Astonishing Pot of Gold Rite to manifest a continual stream of extra money...all from the unlikeliest of sources. You’ll work with Spirits, Angels and Demons in your quest, and can rest-assured that no stone is left unturned in this remarkable title.

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