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Learn The Secret Occult Powers Of The Indias
Life-long Occultist REBELLE JACOBS has arrived, and her very first title is simply MIND-BLOWING!
For many years, Jacobs has been immersed in the exploration of Indian Occult Practises, and she has finally been persuaded to come forward, and release the secrets of her forbidden delvings into the most closely-guarded secrets of the true Gurus of the ancient East.
This title is intended for Intermediate students of the Occult Arts, as it covers a number of slightly more advanced topics, including the use of Yantra in resolving Astrological Afflictions in order to improve a number of areas of your life - a topic rarely ever made available to Western use...
What makes TANTRA, YANTRA, MANTRA a truly remarkable book is the sheer breadth of materials presented - not only will you find a full series of POWERFUL Mantras, each with their very own Yantra (a power-infused pictogram, the very name of which means, 'Occult Machine/Contraption'), but also simple, easy-to-follow instructions of exactly how these should be employed.
Make no mistake - whatever your issues in life, you will find a Mantra/Yantra Combination within these pages to help you address them!
Some of the contents include:
- Ganesh Mantras/Yantras for Immediate Financial Gain
- A MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE Mantra/Yantra to Remove All Obstacles
- The Kali Yantra/Mantra to stop Enemies bothering you - forever
- A Yantra/Mantra for RAPID Spiritual Advancement - cut YEARS from your Path!
- The astounding Tripura Sundari Yantra to Activate and Open Kundalini Power
- A Yantra/Mantra specifically for Unearthing Valuable Hidden Knowledge
- The Tripura Bairava Yantra for a Return to Physical Health
- You'll also find Rites for Both Brahma and Vishnu, for unleashing a whole torrent
of truly astounding gifts and benefits, the likes of which you've never seen before!
...And this is just the tip of the iceberg! TANTRA,YANTRA, MANTRA is quite literally FILLED with these easy-to-follow Chants, each coupled with their own sacred pictograms - all are now YOURS for the taking!
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