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If you have tried magic and failed then read this: HOW TO SUCEED WITH MAGICK MORE THAN YOU EVER DARED POSSIBLE At last! The secret of True Magick revealed. How to magickally activate your subconscious mind to bring what you want in life! Yes, you can have more than you ever dared possible when you learn THE MAGICKAL SCIENCE OF ACTIVATING YOUR SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND! The house or car of your overflowig bank account...radiant health...true love and romance...winnings in games of chance.  YES - ALL THESE THINGS - AND MUCH MORE - CAN BE YOURS THROUGH USING THE SCIENCE OF TRUE MAGICK!No longer need you fail at Magick.  No longer need you experience the pangs of disappointment.  For once you can try rituals THAT WORK! Magician Phillip Cooper writes: With Magick I have never failed.  I HAVE ALWAYS GOT WHAT I WANTED.Mr. Cooper is a real Magician, an adept of the Occult Sciences.  'Most so-called "Magicians" cannot raise a hiccup, let alone an entity.'They work from ridiculous medieval "grimoires", trying to call up spirits that don't even exist.'TRUE Magick is not superstitious nonsense.  It is an exactihng science.  'It requires commitment; not the mere occasional "dabble".Magick works according to definite natural laws.  It is precise and exacting'Most so-called magicians and witches don't even understand the scientific principles of Magick.  They are fraudulent.'What kind of "Magician" is he who is poor, unloved, and in poor health?Do yu really think that you are doomned to a life of mediocrity; a life of "bad luck", poverty and ill health?'With true Magick you can laugh at "fate".  You can kiss "karma" goodbye.  You can take charge of your life and your destiny"Magick - true magick - is not for the casually interested.  It is for the person who DESIRES  results. It is for the person who is capable of handling those results.'It is for the person who can HANDLE SUCCESS.'Believe me, Magick can transform your life.  You can have more than you ever imagined possible!Name what you want in life.  Be precise, for Magick demands that you know exactly what you want.DO YOU WANT TO INFLUENCE A LEGAL MATTER? Magick can do it for you.DO YOU WANT TO WIN AT THE RACES - REGULARLY? It's time you turned to real Magick.DO YOU SEEK FAME? cOMMIT? Commit yourself to Magick and you will achieve as much fame as you can handle.DO YOU SEEK THE COMPANY OF THE RICH AND POWERFUL? Magick can bring you this company.DO YOU SUFFER FROM HEALTH PROBLEMS? Female disorders? Gastrick problems? Glandular problems? Digestive problems? Whatever your problem you can use Magtick on it (Obviously common-sense dictates that Magick should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment).DO YOU SEEK PERFECT HEALTH? Magick can bring you more than you ever dared possible!IS SOMEONE SLANDERING YOU? IS SOMEONE MAKING YOUR LIFE A MISERY? With Magick you can deal effectively with such people!DO YOU SEEK MORE CONFIDENCE? DO YOU DESIRE A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY,AND EXCELLENT CONCENTRATION? Magick releases the subconscious powers that make you invincible!DO YOU DESIRE TO GO TO THE TOP OF YOUR PROFESSION? DO YOU ASPIRE TO BE NO.1 IN YOUR FIELD? Through the powers of scientific Magick you can go all the way!DO YOU DESIRE TO BE AN ADEPT IN MAGICK, UNDERSTANDING AND CONTROLLING THE FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE? Why merely dream of it when with the help of this book you can begin to make it happen! At long last you can learn the truth about Magick!Learn how so many so-called occultists and magicians are in reality totally powerless. Discover the truth about demons, angels, gods!Discover why so many spells and rituals end in failure - the truth may shock you!Learn the truth about magick circles and pentagrams - these are actually tools for awakening powerful subconscious forces, not for protection against imagined evil spirits, says Mr. Cooper! WHAT THI BOOK IS NOT It is not a manual of spells.  It is a working programme of scientific, sane Magick - written in plain English, and designed to take one from beginner's stage through to a genuine mastery of psychic forces!It reveals exactly why most magickal instructions fail!Discover the truth about 'Planetary Hours'!Learn why the tables and instructions of traditional Magick books are completely wrong!Discover why, says Mr. Cooper, Magick steeped in superstition must inevitably FAIL!Learn the true secrets of Cabalistic Magick and esoteric symbolism! 'So many occult books seek to illuminate the reader about "the gods" and the nature of the Universe.  But how valid are such things when the reader is still struggling to pay his bills or find a job?  Spiritual advancement cannot take the place of material prosperity. 'MAGICK THAT DOES NOT ENABLE THE PRACTITIONER TO IMPROVE HIS MATERIAL LOT IS NO MAGICK AT ALL'Mr. Cooper has studied the magickal arts for many years.  What interests him is RESULTS - 'not what's supposed to happen, but actual, tangible results'. 'Follow most books and you'll end up thoroughly disillusioned', he says. The world of so-called Magick is peopled by the confused and the unbalanced; and the "teachers" are as lost as their students'. This book is controversial!! It will offend not only the religious, but those in the Occult too! Mr. Cooper systematically 'exposes the falsehoods of traditional occultism', and puts the reader on the road to receiving SOLID, AND CONTINUED, RESULTS. 'Make no bones about it - Magick works.  But if you are bogged down with the superstitious nonsense taught by others you will not succeed'. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO SUCCEED. Magick can and does work.  It can work beyond your wildest dreams.

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