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Mighty Nordic Power at Your Command

The Runic Circle of Power

Now – for the first time – revealed is the Runic Circle of Power, which enables the reader to become genuinely psychic – giving the ability to know the mysteries of the past and the secrets of the future!

Here is the knowledge of the Nordic shamans of old!

With this power you can now summon and command!

The Runic Circle of Power invokes all 24 symbols/letters of this ancient magick alphabet – symbols which conceal gateways to other worlds!

Following the author Jonathan Posman's simple instructions will ensure that the reader is always safe!

You can enjoy peace of mind and safety of person!

The Runic Circle of Power enables one to:

*Travel astral planes!

*Perform spiritual healing!

*Know what others are thinking!

*Access secret knowledge or information denied access to others!

*Receive the help of good spirits!

*Influence weather conditions!

Through this power you can also influence and control matters on the physical plane such as:

*Banishing sexual problems

*Improving financial circumstances

*Getting a lover

*Success with a speedy conception and safe pregnancy

*Ensure and maintain good health

*Bringing harmony and stability to the home … and more!

This book is easy to follow and is written with the beginner in mind! As simple as it is the power is genuine enough, and absolutely safe.

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