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The Strange & Awesome Power of Medieval Magick

This book is not for the beginner. Yet there is no hard and fast reason why some beginners should not try, for some of the rituals are not that difficult. We only make this caution, because ‘strange’ it is. Medieval magick seems obsessed with ‘enemies’ and this book is full of it. Dark magick abounds here for dealing with ‘enemies’, getting rid of rivals and foes; doing away with spouse and partners; making anyone disliked go away.

Whilst ‘doing away’ sounds extreme, the actual result is the removal of the person in question from the scene.

They may simply move away or in some manner disappear from one’s life. Of course this could also mean death, but that is a risk some may be ready to take.

It is also ‘strange’ in that some of the rituals seem to require a suspension of belief. It is hard to believe a ritual that admonishes the magician to ‘honour God and keep the commandments’, but such are the contradictions of the medieval.

Yet practitioners of the arcane arts have always set great store by medieval magick, despite its quirks and foibles, if for no other reason than the reported results it brings.

There are numerous rituals for protection, of person, of home, possessions, curse-reversing rituals for punishing those who have wished one ill, spells ‘against witches’, and so on.

Some of the rituals are clearly older than the Middle Ages. That they have lasted so long, and not been disregarded and forgotten long ago, is striking testimony to their alleged power.

There are several ‘compelling’ love rituals here, spells to make the ‘target’ totally ‘captive’.

There are success and wealth spells. Rituals to triumph and vanquish.

Also, a health ritual that supposedly guarantees a long and energetic life.

It swings from the dark into the bright light, white magick mingling with black, and a heavy dose of grey in between.

Potent stuff. If you are serious about your magick and what you want – and don’t want – in life, then you should consider this book.

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