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Life-long tried and tested charms

Tracey's Book of Charms

Life-long tried and tested charms

Tracey Ginnell has not only researched and studied the magickal traditions of ancient cultures as an academic, but actually tried and tested them, too. She is convinced of the effectiveness of simple everyday magick, believing absolutely that each and every person can be open to the bountiful blessings of cosmic forces! Her book consists of charms, spells, enchantments, and so on, along with vital information on how to make them work.

The reader can multiply the effectiveness of all their magick workings, she believes. It is a question of being open to the cosmic forces. ‘CHARMS, TALISMANS AND AMULETS DEFINITELY WORK’, she insists, but subject to certain criteria.

At last you can enjoy the benefits of magick from the wisdom in this book. All very simply explained. There are verbal spells you can make – straight away. No visualisation! You are shown how to make any object – no matter what – a mascot, a set of keys, a precious stone, or whatever you perceive may be lucky, to ACTUALLY BE LUCKY FOR YOU.

Rather than merely hoping that you will be lucky you will be actually able to feel and experience the luck happening.

One's life can be immeasurably helped by simple charms and spells. TRACEY HAS LEARNT THROUGH OBSERVATION AND EXPERIENCE WHAT ACTUALLY DOES WORK. You can be privy to her knowledge and enjoy the benefits.

She has kept it simple – anybody can use this magick in her book straight away.

Success depends upon you being receptive to the positive vibrations available. ‘Charms do not work if you are not receptive or do not know how to be receptive’, she says. These obstacles can now be removed with her simple formula.

She shows how to: repel negative energies … sustain youthfulness, continuously revitalising the body's cells … be surrounded by an aura of protection … be safe from harm and injury.

Also: how to experience happiness so that it becomes a natural feature of your everyday life … attract love, find romance … receive money in abundance.

She reveals the nature of: birthday magick … card magick … Celtic magick … Chinese magick … horseshoe magick … magick for gambling … making any trinket work for you … gaining the help of pixies and other 'little people'.

Good fortune can become a way of life ‘TRACEY'S BOOK OF CHARMS’, opens the door to that life.

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