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The best day of the week


The Best Day of the Week

At last you can have the formula for a happy life of good fortune and abundance. To enjoy ‘Winning Ways’ is to pick the best day of the week.

Things go wrong because we have done them on the wrong days. Do the same things on another day and – bingo! – all goes swimmingly!

Author Elizabeth Cook was given this formula by her mother who in turn received it from her mother. It is based on numerology and astrology and yet is so simple that it can be learnt in a few minutes. No rituals. No visualization.

No two people share the same ‘lucky day’. Everybody’s lucky day is different. And the lucky days keep changing, they run in nine-ten day cycles.

The author tells how a man walked away from a race track with a fortune. Had he bet another day the outcome would have been so different. When two of his friends asked for her help they made a bundle by winning five out of six races. Had it been another day they would have had no such luck. Yet the author professes to know nothing about horse racing.

When planning something important you must choose the right day.In this formula one’s ‘lucky numbers’ keep changing. Numbers that worked one day will not work on another. With this formula you can always be in tune with the right numerological and astrological cycles. And there is nothing at all complicated about it.

If you have an important appointment you will need it to be on the right day; otherwise, even with the best will in the world, it may not be propitious.

Similarly, if you are in a bad way – everything is against you – if you act on the right day, events could suddenly swing in your favour, no matter what the odds!

There is no such thing as a ‘lucky day’ for everyone at the same time, even if Jupiter, lord of luck, is ruling it. for if your unique personal number is not in harmony with it, it will make no difference. Through this simple formula you can find which day is right for you and you only.

At last you can find the doors of success unlocked. A rocky road can be turned into a smooth path, with everything going your way!

Your life could change for ever.

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