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Trigger Blessings Of Fertility, Abundance, Love And Health!


Trigger Blessings Of Fertility, Abundance, Love And Health!

Yes! Powerful words and chants from the Bible can make the seemingly impossible happen! A woman diagnosed as 'infertile' chanted the Bible formula and within a short time found herself pregnant! She gave birth to a healthy bot - and is now expecting her second!
This same chant can be used to revive a failing business - or to boost any moribund project. R.J. (Leeds) was struggling to avoid closure of his business when author-Bible scholar J. Piper supplied him with the Yahweh chant. 'I don't need to give birth - I just need more customers!' came his cynical response! 'It is your business which needs to be fertile: it needs to be re-born and grow again. try it and see what happens', was the reply. Three months later R.J. reported a two-fold increase in sales. He is solvent again.
The chants can bring other financial gains and can be used for the lottery and other games of chance!
A young lady chanted for the return of her estranged lover - and got a result within three days! She is now chanting to keep him for good this time!
S.J. (Sheffield) felt she has healing power, but needed to develop it. All she has to do was chant the Bible formula and soon she was able to reduce her aches and pains.
Another man was able to cure his daughter of her depression and sinus problem!
There is a chant to banish bad luck. Those who believe they are afflicted by the Evil Eye can be freed from the curse with the aid of the Yahweh formula. Bad luck can be turned into goo, and foes can be turned into friends (there is a special chant for this, too), and YOU CAN BEGIN WINNING INSTEAD OF LOSING.
YOU CAN BE CURED OF ANY PHOBIA THROUGH A SPECIAL YAHWEH CHANT PROVIDED. Fear of flying, fear of spiders, fear of heights - fear of anything can be eradicated completely by the Bible formula, claims the author!
PROTECTION FROM PHYSICAL HARM can be obtained from Bible rite no. 9. Chant this any time you feel you need it. It consists of only one sentence and is easy to remember.
Who has not at one time or another wanted to find a lost object... or a lost person... someone not see for years and whose whereabouts are unknown - or find a lost pet? The Yahweh Chant provided for this purpose could lead to an unexpected breakthrough. Results come in the most unexpected manner.
The Yahweh Chants have been proven time and again. They are not complicated, and are based on years of research.

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