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Your Unique Word of Power

by Christine Ogilvy

Out of tens of thousands of words there is only one that can have a peculiar magical effect on your life. It is your own unique word for controlling the element of chance.

There is no other like it – and you can find it.

You can receive this word directly from the Universal Mind.

You can – and will – receive it from the Cosmic source. It will be given to you by ‘chance’ so to speak, it therefore giving you control of the element of chance in your life.

Utter the unique word as you place a gambling bet. Before an important meeting. When you want to impress someone. When you are under stress. In times of anxiety and danger.

This word does not invalidate other words of power that you may know, but rather enhances them.

There is no other like it, for it is exclusive to you.

How to receive it? This monograph explains. This is the only publication anywhere with this revelation.

It is easy. Follow the simple steps in this monograph and you receive the word.

This word gives you control of your life.

Speak it first thing when you awake to ensure a good day. Speak it whenever you need to. It gives you immediate power. Immediate strength. Immediate reassurance.

Everyone has their own special Word of Power, only the majority of people have no idea it exists.

It certainly exists and you are about to discover yours.

Once received your life will take a positive turn.

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