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Finally, you can get GUARANTEED ANSWERS to your prayers! Not as improbable as it seems. Based on vital principles of prayer, little understood, which can change everything. Based on 20 years’ experience of author Audra.

For years she struggled with the frustration of ‘hit and miss’ prayers – sometimes answered, more often not. But eventually she discovered these principles, through trial and error, which convinced her that prayers can not only be answered, but can be GUARANTEED so – and this has been her subsequent experience!

This monograph is without religious bias. It is for anyone of any faith. You can be Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan – it doesn’t matter – the vital principles for success remain the same.

‘It is what you believe in which counts – and these vital principles guarantee the results of that belief!’ she says.

‘Whatever you ask for can be granted! If within reason the result is sure and absolute, thanks to these principles!

‘Nothing can stop you! Obstacles can be overcome! Difficulties squashed!’

You need nothing more than this monograph and your faith in its irresistible content to turn your fortunes around! All you need to know about ‘guaranteed prayer’ is here.

You can pray your way through and out of any problem; you can achieve your goals; you can make your wishes come true. ‘Guaranteed prayer’ is just that – guaranteed!

This monograph answers everything and gives vital principles missing from other books. If you really want your prayers to be answered, if you are really intent to get what you want, you should order ‘GUARANTEED PRAYERS’ today!

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