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The Miracle Treasure Chest Of The Cosmos
 At last – you can draw upon a universal source of riches! 
 You can at last tap into the miraculous power of the universe!
 Not a fantasy, but a proven psychic reality!
 According to the author, the cosmos is teeming with wealth which the reader can turn into a physical reality!
 By tuning into this inexhaustible power you can bring definite and dramatic changes into your life!
 An end to lack and ‘going without’!
 An end to worrying where the money to pay the next bill is going to come from!
 The author cites the abundance all about us.Why do the rich seem to get richer whilst so many others are doomed to struggle?
 It needn’t be this way for the reader who follows the simple principles in this exciting publication!
 The idea of the buried treasure chest is a metaphor for the inexhaustible riches of the universe which metaphysicians, past and present, have exploited for personal gain!
 Once this power is allowed to enter your life your circumstances begin to change as ‘if by magic’! And lasting prosperity is on the way!
 A steady flow of riches enters one’s life, accelerating later!
 Inexhaustible wealth means just that – it is limitless … never ending! Like the universe itself! 
 This publication explains in the simplest and clearest way how this extraordinary power can be accessed!
 Money appears when you need it!
 People will give you money!
 Mysterious legacies received!
 Rebates received – sometimes for no apparent reason!
 Discover the meaning of ‘God moves in mysterious ways’!
 Discover why most people can never benefit from this extraordinary power. Why it remains hidden from the masses.
 How the genuine seeker can solve his financial problems once and for all! 
 Also solve health problems! Relationships!
 This mighty power beckons! It can change everything – forever!
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