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To Receive Your Heart's Desires


Book by Audra reveals how to fashion a MAGICK WISHING BOX to receive your heart‘s desires.

Now! You can own your very own Magick Wishing Box! No skill required!

All you have to do is acquire any old box - it can be a discarded shoe box or a trinket box.

Audra provides the magick spells which get the magic going. The Magic Wishing Box thus impregnated with your desires is then kept in a discreet place away from prying eyes. Results can be expected within a month.


  • Banish illness spell
  • To separate two people
  • Make someone contact you
  • Good riddance spell
  • Self protection spell
  • Gambling spell
  • Wealth spell
  • Material possessions spell
  • Success spell
  • Money spell
  • Stay faithful spell
  • Sexuality spell
  • To revive a relationship
  • To sexually attract a particular person
  • To attract a new lover.

48 pages.


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