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Enhance your fortunes three-fold

There is probably no number more potent than three, for it is in the very nature of life itself. Everything in life is three: a beginning, a middle, an end – three components. There is mother, father and child. Out of two comes a third. The Holy Trinity. Everything in life comes in threes: if two good things happen to you it is certain that a third will follow. We have common expressions, ‘Three times in a row’ and ‘Third time lucky’, for example.

This book by Audra shows how to make the magick of three work for you. The magick itself is simple, taking less than three minutes, three times a day, to do it. It is made up of simple affirmations repeated three times. If the reader so wishes, she or he can include candles and incenses in the rite, the writer explaining how, but she is at pains to stress that they are not essential. The force at work here is the number, a number sacred to Jupiter, lord of good fortune. Audra gives the precise magick you need for:

Losing weight and acquiring the figure needed.

Growing thicker hair.

Destroying bad habits.

Perking up a relationship.

Healing and revitalization.

Increasing sex appeal.

Becoming a strong and dominant personality.

Turning an enemy into a friend.

… and more, (money, success, good luck, etc.). ‘What you desire can come to you three-fold with this magick’, says Audra.

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