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Whatever you need, the Psalms of David can supply it!

KEY VERSES OF PSALMS TRIGGER MIRACULOUS RELEASE OF COSMIC ENERGIES! AMAZING SECRET IN PRINT FOR FIRST TIME! New book "WONDER-WORKING PSALMS OF KING DAVID" revels how to tap God's awesome power *Problems Miraculously Solved*Prayers Answered*Miracles of Love, Health, etc. Yes, for the very first time ever here is the secret of getting real results from the Psalms! Never before has this information been revealed! Many books have been written about the Psalms.  Usually they are complicated, requiring the reader to make elaborate preparations; the use of candles, incenses etc.THIS NEW BOOK IS THE SIMPLEST GUIDE EVER TO RECEIVING "MIRACLES" FROM THE PSALMS! You can sometimes obtain results within moments of using them! This is the only book to show how the Psalms can bring instantaneous results! The secret lies in author James Harrison's discovery that certain key verses of each Psalm are more potent than others! This is the only book to give you these key verses which make all the difference between success and failure! This secret enabled the author to escape a head-on car collision from which he walked away completely unharmed! Observers called it nothing short of 'miraculous'! Not only can the Psalms bring complete protection from harm and injury, they can also bring improvement to every area of your life! There is virtually nothing in life that you can not obtain from the wonder-working power of the Psalms.You are given the key verses - plus the secret for making them work! - of all 150 of the Bible's Psalms! With this amazing formula you receive the exact wonder-working words from the Bible for;                    * Banishing Bad Luck!                    * Protection From Bullies And Burglars!      * Receive Instant Divine Help When All Is Against You!      * Cure Impotence!      * Cure Infertility!      * Enjoy Good Health In Old Age!      * Release From Unjust Imprisonment!      * Protection Of Livestock!      * Recovery From Being Bed-Ridden!        * Banish Anxiety!      * Overcome Feelings Of Guilt!      * Protection Against Flooding!      * Healing Of Fractures!      * Receive The Home Of You Dreams!      * Relieve Depression!      * Stop Slander And Gossip!      * Speedy Recovery From An Operation!      * Protection Of Pets!      * Overcome Phobias!      * Success In Public Speaking!      * Justice In Lawsuit!      * Regain Marital Harmony!      * Improve Memory!      * Gain Peace Of Mind!      * Influence People In High Positions!      * Harmony With Neighbours!      * Preserving Youthfulness! The age of "miracles" did not end with the time of the Bible.  "Miracles" can still be witnessed today when you use God's very own words! Whatever you need, the Psalms of David can supply it! 3000 YEARS OLD MYSTIC POWER OF KINGS AND SAGES! But what are the Psalms of David?  They are the holy poems, said to have been composed by the wealthy warrior King David who ruled a kingdom that stretched from Syria to Egypt some one thousand years before Christ.Biblical scholars now say that there were other authors of the Psalms besides David; but whoever the authors were, both Jews and Christians revere the majesty and power of the Psalms.over three thousand years the Psalms have acquired legendary powers for bringing power, healing, and wealth! And even people of other faiths, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, acknowledge the power and spiritual beauty of the Psalms, seeing in them the living inspiration of the Creator Himself! Yet, paradoxically the majority of people who believe in the Psalms are not wealthy, happy, nor healthy! AN UNTOLD STREAM OF BLESSINGS AND GOOD FORTUNE NOW AWAIT YOU! Now for the very first time this great power can be at your command - to bring you never-ending streams of luck, good fortune, love, health and influence! You have to experience the power of the Psalms to realise just how amazing it is! The instructions in this book are simplicity itself!  You need no candles nor oils and incenses.  And it doesn't even matter if you don't own a Bible! This book contains the exact verses to use for getting what you want! This book is complete with an index of no less than 300 different requests covering every need from solving puzzles to influencing politicians! NOWHERE ELSE WILL YOU FIND THIS AMAZING SECRET FOR GETTING RESULTS FROM THE PSALMS This book gives you the all-important key verses - not found in any other book - which trigger the mystic power that causes what you want to happen! And with these verses you receive the unique formula that ENSURES they happen! It matters not how many times other Psalms' books have failed you - for once, with this book your dreams will come true! Read these thrilling true stories of the Psalms' wonder-working power; * WOMEN RE-MARRIES! 51 years old divorcee was worried about her looks; so she used the Psalm for Preserving Youthfulness.  She immediately felt younger, and within two weeks people were remarking that she actually looked younger! She lost weight too!  She began attracting suitors and within seven months married a man nine years her junior. * MAN REDUCES PAIN! For years he suffered pain from a variety of chronic illnesses.  Then he tried Psalm 6, using the key verses.  In minutes he felt better!  Now the pain no longer bothers him; and he is now using the Psalms, in conjunction with his usual medication, to cure his illnesses.  The initial signs are promising, he reports! * WOMAN SAVED FROM INJURY! She was in a foreign city; and inadvertently entered an area inhabited by hoodlums ad drug addicts!  She was terrified - any moment she felt she would be attacked, then she remembered the key verse from Psalm 91 and suddenly, at that very moment, two policemen miraculously appeared, seemingly out of nowhere!  They accompanied her to a safe area. * GIRL GETS BOYFRIEND! Pretty 17 year old just couldn't understand why the one boy she wanted wasn't interested in her.  After reciting the key verses of Psalm 119 she suddenly understood why he wasn't interested!  She changed her strategy and now they are dating regularly! * WOMAN FINALLY SUCCEEDS AFTER YEARS OF FAILURE! She had always believed in the Psalms, and tried various books, but yet never seemed to get a result. Then she read this book and received positive results from 4 out of 4 psalms in three weeks!  These and many other amazing cases are typical of what happens when the key verses are used from the Wonder-Working Psalms of King David! SEE YOUR LUCK CHANGE -RIGHT NOW! health, can now be yours, - automatically - when you discover the amazing secret that makes the Psalms work! It doesn't matter how much you have prayed before without an answer. YOU CAN NOW SUCCEED WITH THIS MIRACUOLOUS NEW SECRET! Now - at last - YOUR WISHES CAN COME TRUE -with the potent words of God's own prophets and sages! You can always be protected from can enjoy only good luck and happiness.  GOD'S VERY OWN MYSTIC WORDS ARE NOW YOURS TO USE. Whether you believe in the God of the Bible or not, the fact is that there is a Benign Cosmic Force which can work only for your good once you know its secret. You were not put on earth to struggle alone without help! The very moment you have this amazing book in your hands you will experiience the same power that made King David the greatest monarch of his time. You will find God's miraculous power with you. And it doesn't matter whether you haven't been in church, mosque or synagogue for years.  The only condition for reaching God's blessings in love, money and protection is that you recite Psalm 150 in thanksgiving every time you receive what you want - which will be often!

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