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How To Prove You Have A Guardian Angel

YOUR DEAR COMPANION How To Prove You Have A Guardian AngelFrom the very moment you are born and for every day for the rest of your life a guardian angel looks over you.This is the belief of millions of people of various faiths.But almost no-one knows just how this guardian angel looks after us.  It is merely a 'vague feeling' to many people, a feeling endorsed by several different religions.THE FACT IS THAT THE GUARDIAN ANGEL IS A UNIQUE BEING WHOSE SOLE FUNCTION IN LIFE IS TO LOOK AFTER A PERSON'S BEST INTERESTS.God does not put us on this planet and then abandon us to struggle through life's adversities alone! For each and everyone of us he created an individual guardian angel to care for us and guide us through life.These are the conclusions of Dr D.J. Lightfoot who has studied the subject for over twenty years.'Make absolutely no mistake about it', declares Dr Lightfoot, 'guardian angels are real, and the great tragedy is that the average person has absolutely no idea of their existance'.Even those who believe they have a guardian angel know next to nothing about him.  To such people he is a mere concept rather than a real entity who actively participates in our lives.The fact is that our own unique guardian angel is always close to us, but we have no idea that he is present.  This is so unfortunate because NO-ONE ANYWHERE CARES MORE THAN US FOR THIS ANGEL.  And no-one but this personal guardian angel can help you so much as he.It must be made absolutely clear that the presence of your guardian angel has nothing whatsoever to do with whether you lead a 'good' life or not.Your special guardian angel appeared at the very moment you were born to guide you and protect you for the rest of your life, regardless of religion or lifestyle.But how does one become acquainted with one's guardian angel? and indeed how can he exist at all if one's life has been so full of bad luck?It is essential that contact with one's personal guardian angel is made in order to improve one's luck FOR HE CAN HELP YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN.  It is vital you understand: That once you make contact with your personal guardian angel your life can immediately change for the better. Your life in fact could go from poverty to riches, from sickness to health, from misery to happiness.  But whatever happens your life will become immeasurably better in every way.                      Why is this? Dr Lightfoot has found that once you discover the presence of your own guardian angel he suddennly begins helping you all he can.Why this is so is not clear.  Perhaps the reason is more human than spiritual, you would for example be much more eager to help a friend who appreciated you more than one who didn't  Whilst angels occupy a higher estate in the spiritual scheme of things than man (Psalms 8:5) they still like to be acknowledged and appreciated for what they do.  There may be other reasons but whatever the cause your life will improve dramatically once you have established regular contact with your loving, invisable friend. POSITIVE PROOF THAT YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL EXISTSYour personal guardian angel is unique to you - only you can prove that your angel exists.  In his book 'Your Dear Companion' Dr Lightfoot reveals how you can obtain absolute and positive proof that you have a personal guardian angel.  This information has never been published before in any form.That's right - you can prove for yourself once and for all that you do indeed have a guardian angel.And this is only the beginning of many thrilling experiences.  You will have discovered that you are not alone in life, that you have by your side an invisable, loving companion who cares only for you and for no one else but you.And once you know he exists you will become aware of his presence - a presence which will give our whole being a warm glow, and you will feel yourself surging with a new strenght - and your self-assurance soaring!The feeling is indescribable.  You will never be the same again once you actually know for yourself that you have an invisable friend; a friend who will be absolutely unswerving in his loyalty to you every day for the rest of your life! HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH YOUYour guardian angel has always been with you; but because you did not know this you were never able to form a personal relationship with him, and receive the limitless blessings of such a relationship.  Did you know, for example, that your guardian angel has his own name? Not a name that you can give him, but a name he already has, a name which you can discover with the aid of Dr Lightfoot's instructions.  The last time you felt an overwhelming reluctance to do something for no apparent reason; or when you were 'given' an idea that solved a problem; or you were going to do something and all of a sudden you changed your mind and were glad you did  - these and other inexplicable actions were almost certainly because of the promptings of your guardian angel, , but all without your conscious knowledge.Your dear companion could have done so much more if previously you had been cognizant of his existence.  Once you know how to become aware of his presence and form a personal relationship with him you can consult with him regularly - and receive infinite and unerring guidance! CONTACTING YOUR DEAR COMPANIONThis unique book shows how to quickly make contact and build a relationship with your very own guardian angel! The instructions in this book have never appeared anywhere before. In this book you get information which is completely new and based on the authors's own experiences.This ia a 'action' - get results' book! The instructions are safe and easy! There are no rituals to perform and no equipment of any kind is required.  All you need is this book and the desire to personally know your divine companion in order to start changing your life around from bad luck to blessings, love and happiness. PROBLEMS DISSOLVE WHEN YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL HELPS!Just think: all your prayers miraculously answered!... your personal safety guarenteed in any dangerous situation!... always make the right decision about everything - simply by consulting with your guardian angel! Think of the enormous weight lifted from your shoulders!It is important that you understand that what we are stating here are not empty shallow promises BUT ACTUAL POSSIBILITIES. We want you to test all our claims.  Try this book's instructions and witness for yourself the amazing happenings about which we write!We are convinced you will be astounded! We are convinced that your life could be changed out of all recognition - if that is what you want!But how can we feel so certain about this?We are convinced by our own amazing experiences, and those of Dr Lightfoot's; and the glowing reports of other people who have established a rapport with their guardian angels!You will instinctively recognize in Dr Lightfoot's instructions that here is something absolutely real and powerful.And you will, within minutes, begin to recognize the existence of your very own personal guardian angel!Have you ever found yourself in a place where the only other persons about were rowdy hooligans? Who has not experienced the feeling of helplessness and anxiety which such a situation brings? YOU WILL NEVER FEAR DANGER AGAIN WHEN YOU KNOW THE NAME OF YOUR PROTECTING ANGELHe is always at your side; and at the very instant you feel you are in physical danger he will actually project his presence to those who threaten you!It is enough to merely think of your guardian's name for this to happen!We cannot reveal to you what this name is because only you can find out by following the book's instructions.  All angels bear different names, and your guardian angel will reveal his name to you, once you know how to find out! WHATEVER YOU WANT - YOUR DEAR COMPANION CAN HELP YOU GET IT!Your guardian angel can help you in every area of your life! He can help you to win the person of your dreams... help end financial worries... help find lost objects... help pass exams... help you in business... solve love problems... help you win lotteries and prizes... protect you from deceitful people... solve health problems.  Whatever your problem you invisable friend can help you solve it!Your guardian angel's sole interest in life is your personal welfare!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN LIFE!

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